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Rotator cuff surgeries are generally recommended for people who have a torn rotator cuff and pain is not improving with non-surgical treatments. The type of surgical option available depends on many different factors and should be discussed with an expert in orthopedic care.

There are three common surgeries available to patients:

  • Open repair, a traditional surgery that can be required for severe tears or a large, complex tear. It involves detaching the shoulder muscle to gain access to the torn tendon.
  • Arthroscopic repair, a minimally-invasive procedure in which the surgeon uses a small camera inserted into the shoulder joint to view the joint and make repairs.
  • Mini-open repair, a procedure that utilizes advancements in technology to treat damage. Part of the treatment is performed arthroscopically and therefore eliminates the need to detach the muscle. The surgeon will still need to make a small incision to repair the damage.