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The rotator cuff is a network of four main muscles that come together as tendons. The rotator cuff is what keeps your arm in the shoulder socket and can be a common source of pain due to its susceptible to may problems. The pain can result from tears, impingement, bursitis and tendonitis.

Tears of the rotator cuff are commonly caused by injury or degeneration and can be painful and cause weakness. Tendonitis’s is characterized by the damaging or irritation of the tendons. Bursitis is characterized by the bursa (lubricating sac between rotator cuff and bone) swelling and filling with too much fluid. And impingement is when the space between the bone at the top of the shoulder and rotator cuff narrows.

All of these conditions cause pain and swelling/tenderness in the area surrounding the rotator cuff. There are many treatments, both non-surgical and through arthroscopic surgery.